Experiential learning encompasses any activity in which a student is actively engaged in their education inside or outside of the classroom. At Trinity, experiential learning includes undergraduate research opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, volunteer experiences, internships, study abroad opportunities, and more.

Students+Startups Interns Take San Antonio by Storm

This summer, more than 60 students are involved in Students + Startups, an annual program organized by Trinity’s entrepreneurship program and funded by the 80/20 Foundation. The program puts Tigers in the middle of San Antonio’s exploding tech and startup scene. Next summer, the program will expand numerically and geographically, doubling its size by placing 120 students in positions nationwide, not just locally. Check out some of the internships our students have been part of!

Keeping it RealCo
RealCo is making a real difference, and Kara Killinger ‘20 is helping them this summer as part of Trinity’s Students + Startups program. RealCo provides resources such as investors, mentors, and funding for small business startups. In addition to running their social media account and writing blog posts about portfolio founders, Kara has started a community newsletter and helped plan and execute RealCo(n), an event organized to help local founders, investors, and mentors connect and share startup ideas. 

Angel Investors
“Almost like Shark Tank, but much less scary and interrogative” is how Rebecca Derby ’18 describes Alamo Angels, the company she is working at as part of the Students + Startups program. Formed by local business professionals and community leaders who wanted to make a lasting impact in the startup community, the company determines a startup’s investment potential before they present to investors. As their marketing & external communications intern, Rebecca works on their social media and branding, sends out newsletters to members, and assists in event planning.

Sunny-Side Economics
As a summer intern in the Students + Startups program, Isaac Bartolemi ’20 is working with the sales team at Go Smart Solar to design a tool which will help assess the value of potential solar installations. The company’s goal is to educate customers about government incentives and affordable solar power options as well as manage the installation and certification processes, and Isaac's work will help their potential clients better understand how solar power can increase their bottom line.

Caroline Haggard and Hayley Hultman working together at Jungle Disk
Paola Cobos at Geekdom's Jungle Disk

On Cloud Nine
Nine Trinity students—dubbed “Trinterns”—worked at cloud-based data security firm Jungle Disk this summer, housed in San Antonio’s downtown hub for tech startups, Geekdom. The “Triniteam” built a customer service chatbot using Google’s DialogFlow, developed a social media presence for the company, got intensive programming experience and even took time to mentor local high school students. Because programming is a constantly evolving field, “There’s always new things to learn,” Haggard says, “but that also means there’s no limit to the things you can do.”


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